Agency Information

The Human Services Campus is an 11-acre campus comprised of a collaboration of public, private, non-profit, and faith-based organizations all providing services and resources to individuals experiencing homelessness in metropolitan Phoenix.
While the Human Services Campus is the “face” of the service providers in downtown Phoenix, the Campus is home to more than 12 unique, independent agencies. These agencies are responsible for the delivery of services to individuals at the Human Services Campus. In an effort to complement, rather than duplicate, the work of our partners, the Human Services Campus focuses its’ efforts in several key areas:

  • Providing a safe, clean, and dignified environment for all campus clients, staff, and visitors
  • Outreach and engage individuals on and around the Campus in an effort to connect them to services offered by our partner agencies
  • Collaborate and coordinate with Campus partners to address common issues faced by all partners (i.e. support for permanent supportive housing, hosting annual water drive)
  • Advocate and raise awareness of the HSC, its mission, HSC partner agencies, homeless issues and solutions
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with neighborhood partners and stakeholders

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