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Posted Jul 26, 2012 1:30 pm (3 years ago)

Chilly mornings mean long lines at the LDRC Cafe where coffee is available for .50 cents. Or a random act of kindness or helping with a project will earn a man some 'get going bucks' for spending at the Cafe. I love watching people enjoy morning coffee and the newspaper. Being homeless does not make you less human and does not make you different than who you were last year. Sometimes the simple things like a normal morning routine of coffee and the paper help a person remember that.
Pace e bene!

This was originally published on Chaplain Tracy Geivett's (yes. that's me) blog News from the Streets on December 29, 2011. I was reminded of this as I sat talking with a client this morning. I was trying to reiterate that where you sleep at night does not define who you are. We were discussing how someone had eaten some cherries outside the Chaplaincy office door and dropped all the stems and pits on the floor. We spoke of how that person has allowed their environment and temporary surroundings to define who they are. They probably didn't throw garbage on the floor of their home while growing up. It saddens me when people allow their circumstances to change their basic humanness. If they had only held on to some semblance of a past routine perhaps they would have walked the 15 feet to the trash can. We should all take the time to make someone feel human and worthy again. I think it's worth the effort and maybe the floor outside my office door will stay cleaner. Peace!