Lodestar Day Resource Center


Through the collaborative approach of the Lodestar Day Resource Center (LDRC), hundreds of clients have daily access to social support services, job assistance, convenience items, education, and creative outlets. Public and private partnerships have been and continue to be the backbone of this project – our successes are a result of the cooperative and collaborative work of the many compassionate, progressive visionaries in our Valley of the Sun community.

Our Philosophy

Welcome & Engage
Inform & Connect
Inspire & Empower


The LDRC is an innovative program designed to serve as a gateway to self-sufficiency and success for homeless individuals. We meet clients where they are when they come through three stages moving, at their own pace, from crisis to stability and sufficiency.We welcome and engage people into a safe, accepting environment; inform and connect people to holistic services and programs; and inspire and empower people to end their homelessness and create positive, long-term life changes.

It is our responsibility to motivate, engage, and inspire clients, and to always be open to new partnerships, new ways of thinking, new programs, and new solutions. We are striving to empower our clients, our staff, and our community to end homelessness.

Our Holistic Model
We believe that it is not enough for us to be a tenant for provider agencies. Rather, we must help individuals change the way they perceive their world; we must inspire hope and motivation.
LDRC sees clients from all backgrounds. Some are coping with domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, re-entering the community with a corrections background, or physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. While we are considered “one stop shopping” for homeless services, there is no “one size fits all” solution. There is no one goal that is appropriate or expected for all clients. We must find the way to help each individual move towards self-sufficiency.